Peggy March’s Collaborations

Peggy March, born Margaret Annemarie Battavio in 1948, began her musical career as a child star in the early 1960s. She gained international fame in 1963 with her hit single “I Will Follow Him,” which reached the top of the charts in the United States and several other countries. Since then, March has continued to release music and perform, remaining a beloved and influential figure in the music industry.

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Collaborations have played a crucial role in the music industry for decades, with artists from all genres and backgrounds coming together to create memorable and impactful works. One artist who has truly embraced the power of collaborations is Peggy March. With a career spanning over six decades, March has worked with a diverse range of musicians, producers, and songwriters, leaving an indelible mark on the music world. Here, we will explore March’s collaborations, examining their significance and impact on her career and legacy.


One of the hallmarks of Peggy March’s career has been her collaborations with other artists. Throughout her career, she has worked with musicians and singers from a wide range of genres and styles, including R&B, soul, pop, and country. One of her most notable collaborations was with the legendary soul singer Sam Cooke, who produced her hit single “Little Me.” The song showcased March’s vocal prowess and versatility, as well as her ability to seamlessly transition between different genres.

March has also collaborated with other notable musicians, including country singer Bobby Bare and R&B group The Four Tops. Her duet with Bare, “Stop Look and Listen,” became a top-ten hit on the country charts in 1970, while her collaboration with The Four Tops, “Sweet Understanding Love,” was a hit on both the pop and R&B charts in 1971.

Songwriters and Producers

In addition to her collaborations with other artists, Peggy March has also worked extensively with songwriters and producers throughout her career. One of her most successful collaborations was with the songwriting and production team of Hugo & Luigi. The duo produced several of March’s hit singles, including “I Will Follow Him,” “Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love,” and “Watch What You Do With My Baby.” Their partnership helped establish March as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.

Another notable collaboration in March’s career was with the renowned songwriter and producer Tony Hatch. Hatch wrote and produced several of March’s songs, including “The Impossible Happened,” “Passing Friend,” and “Teasin’.” Their collaboration showcased March’s ability to adapt to changing musical tastes, as Hatch’s songs incorporated elements of pop, rock, and disco.

Film and Television

Peggy March’s collaborations have also extended to the world of film and television. She contributed several songs to the soundtracks of movies and TV shows, including “The Italian Job” and “Goodbye, Columbus.” Her collaboration with the composer Quincy Jones on the soundtrack of the film “The Lost Man” earned her critical acclaim and a Grammy nomination.

March also had a successful collaboration with the popular German TV show “Ein Kessel Buntes.” She appeared on the show numerous times throughout the 1980s and 1990s, performing her hits as well as new songs. Her collaborations with the show helped to establish her as a beloved figure in Germany and other European countries.

Legacy of Peggy March’s Collaborations

Peggy March’s collaborations have had a significant impact on her career and legacy as a musician. Her ability to work with a diverse range of artists and producers helped establish her as a versatile performer and a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Her collaborations with other artists and songwriters also helped to expand her musical horizons and explore new styles and genres.

March’s collaborations have also influenced future generations of artists. Many contemporary musicians have cited her as an influence and have drawn inspiration from her collaborations. For example, the singer-songwriter Lorde has cited March’s hit single “I Will Follow Him” as a major inspiration for her own music.

In addition, March’s collaborations have helped to cement her place in music history. Her work with Sam Cooke, Hugo & Luigi, and Tony Hatch helped to define the sound of the 1960s and establish her as a leading figure in pop music. Her collaborations with film and television productions also contributed to her lasting impact and legacy.


In conclusion, Peggy March’s collaborations have played a crucial role in her career and legacy as a musician. Her ability to work with a diverse range of artists and producers, as well as her contributions to film and television soundtracks, helped to establish her as a versatile and influential performer. Her collaborations also had a lasting impact on music history, influencing future generations of artists and helping to define the sound of the 1960s and beyond.

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